Stinis is one of the world’s leading suppliers of container handling and lifting equipment, with its range of products in use in ports all over the world. Global Port Equipment is a specialist dealer of Stinis equipment and its longstanding relationship with the brand gives you access to a respected range of products, as well as to our dedicated team. In other words, you get equipment from a top brand with local and personal levels of customer service and aftersales support.

The range of equipment we offer covers the Stinis line of spreaders, including semi-automatic spreaders as well as spreaders with patented design features. In addition, split-headblock spreaders are available which can, if required, lift up to four 20ft containers side by side.

Stinis has been involved in the supply of equipment for ports for many decades so it is fully aware of what is needed for safe, efficient and effective operations.

Industry Leading

One of the best features of Stinis spreaders is their modular design. Maintenance and repair are easier, with many components used in multiple types of spreader, helping to lower the cost of spare parts while also improving levels of reliability.

Stinis spreaders also offer a fast telescoping system, an automatic greasing system and double-collar ISO twist locks, among other features.