At Global Port Equipment, we offer a range of gooseneck options, including the popular and effective range from Seacom. That range includes small goosenecks that can handle between four and 16 tons and that can be fitted to a forklift truck. We also offer goosenecks for tractors, with three main types on offer:

  • 30 ton
  • 36 ton
  • 45 ton

The exact version you need will depend on the capacity of your tractor. We can supply options that are either fixed or that can be detached so you can get exactly what you need.

One of the most innovative features of the Seacom goosenecks that we offer is that when they are detached, you can put them in a parking stand. In other words, your tractor doesn’t have to be permanently tied to the gooseneck. While the gooseneck is in the parking stand, the tractor can be used for any other task.

As with all the machines and equipment that we offer, our goosenecks come with the full backup of our support team to give you added peace of mind.

Park stand