Special Trailers

Do you need to transport cargo weighing anything up to 200 tons? The Seacom special trailers that we offer are the solution. The heavy-duty construction and innovative design make these trailers the ideal choice for almost every heavy-duty transport application. With these trailers, transporting industrial cargo becomes easy.

The design of the trailer is central to its practicality. The gooseneck can be fixed or detachable, depending on your needs. It connects your tractor to the roll trailer making it easy to move heavy cargo around your site.

The running gears are also specifically designed to handle extremely heavy loads.

While the technology is both advanced and well tested, it is simple and effective so will slot into your operations quickly and efficiently. With the support that you will get from the Global Port Equipment team, this becomes even easier. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and we’ll match a solution to your needs.

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