Servicing and regular maintenance are essential for keeping your port equipment in good working condition, both for safety considerations and efficient operations. They also help to reduce the risk of the equipment developing a fault so can save you money, i.e., the cost of repair as well as the cost of downtime while you wait for the repair to be completed.

As a result, our maintenance and servicing arrangements are crucial to our overall levels of service. In other words, we are not about simply selling you equipment. Instead, we want to become your partner, supplying and actively helping you maintain a wide range of port-related equipment.

Fleet Arrangements

If we supply you with a fleet of machines, we will establish a service point at your location, which ensures everything is as close to hand as possible. This service point will be mobile, so can be easily stored and transported to the required location. It is also fully equipped with everything needed to maintain your equipment, including tools, service documentation for all the machines and a space for storing spare parts.

The result of this comprehensive approach to servicing and aftersales support is that maintenance is carried out on your equipment as quickly and effectively as possibleno delays hunting around for documentation, locating the right tools or waiting on a spare part to arrive.

This level of aftersales support is one thing that sets us apart from the competition—the other is the standard of our mechanics. They are all specialists in the maintenance and repair of the equipment we sell and have close relationships with the manufacturers of that equipment. This ensures problems will be quickly identified and rectified, wherever you are in the world.