Flying Mechanics

At Global Port Equipment, we strive to deliver the best possible levels of service to our customers. That’s why we have launched an innovation in the port equipment sectorflying mechanics.

Our flying mechanics are part of the comprehensive aftersales service available to all customers purchasing equipment or spare parts from us.

Aftersales Support

The process starts when you first purchase a machine. This will be supplied with all the necessary service documents so your mechanics have as much information as possible to carry out effective servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Sometimes this is not enough, however, particularly if the equipment develops a fault. This is where we step in to offer direct, one-to-one support. Firstly, our expert team will provide remote support to your mechanic to ensure the correct spare part is being fitted, and to explain the process. In most situations, this gets the machine up and running again but if it doesn’t, we have another optionour flying mechanics.

Flying Mechanics

It’s quite simple. We know that a machine that is not operational affects your profit margins and the level of service you can provide your customers. In order to fix the problem in circumstances like these, we offer the option of flying one of our mechanics to your location. They are all skilled and experienced in fixing the equipment we supply so will get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

This limits downtime in terms of the immediate issue but can also help your business in the future. This is because our mechanic can offer practical on-site guidance and support to your team to help them improve their knowledge and skills, so they can correct the problem faster should it happen again.